My name is Bartjan de Bruijn. 

I thrive on truth, beauty and authenticity. I believe everyone is beautiful. Yes, that includes you. 

I believe that true beauty is inner beauty shining outward. A good picture shows not just your eyes, but the light in your eyes. Not just your smile, but the joy that sparks it. I really want to get to know you - and share what I discover through my photography.

That's me right over there.

A dear friend, Luca Slagmaat, took this photo. One of the things I love about it is that the day it was taken was a great day. I believe a photoshoot should be a valuable memory. So that whenever you see the photos, you feel the empowerment of the moment they were taken. I'd love my portraits to be powerful emotional anchors, that make you smile or be in awe of yourself whenever you see them. 

I started photographing because I see so much beauty around me. Not the 'instagram' beauty of 'wow that person looks so perfect', but the real life beauty of people just being themselves.

So I want to invite you to just be yourself, and go on an adventure with me. I'll bring my camera, you bring yourself. Let's go?

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